a personal note

There would be no Pianola Enterprises without a functioning Pianola. My instrument was restored by,
and is maintained by, Mr. Jon Perry of Marion Center, PA, one of the country’s finest craftsmen
in the field of piano restoration.

But it is not just Mr. Perry’s expertise that is essential to the success of the venture. His unfailing friendship and encouragement, his generous participation in securing and facilitating performances, and his energetic response to all crises (real and imagined) make him the too-often unacknowledged “power behind the pianolist.” He and his spouse Bill Woodcock, together the hospitable hosts of Farnsworth House Bed & Breakfast, have made Pianola Enterprises possible –- and great fun. My love and admiration for them only grow with the years.
www.perrypianorestoration.com | www.farnsworth-house.com