“Bob Berkman delighted the audience and was a delight to work with. Not only did he perform beautiful examples that showcased the whole realm of Jewish piano roll music; he told stories that explained and entertained. The audience danced in their seats and in the aisles.”

--Arielle Jackson, Manager of Marketing and Visitor Services Yiddish Book Center, Amherst, MA

“Few people bring the Pianola to life like Bob Berkman, whose knowledge of
and dedication to the instrument result in unusually entertaining and informative concerts.”

--Timothy D. Taylor, musician and author of Strange Sounds: Music, Technology and Culture.

"I thought my favorite piano rolls were going to be lost forever---the paper was getting torn and fragile---but I sent them to Bob Berkman and he converted them to MIDI files on CD. Now I can listen to them whenever I want on my QRS Pianomation system. The dynamics and quality of reproduction are excellent."

--Dr. John W. Landon, Lexington, KY

“I knew the program would be extra-special, but it was way more than that.
It was oysergeveyntlekh (outstanding)….the best program we’ve ever had.”

--Annabelle Weiss, Park Synagogue Sisterhood, Cleveland, OH

“Robert Berkman’s intriguing pianola artistry was not only able to simulate Art Tatum
and Igor Stravinsky; he was able to inject humanity into what would have been a purely mechanical exercise.”

--Garaud Mac Taggart, Buffalo News

“Bob Berkman is one of the world’s great virtuosos of the Pianola which,
though most of us think of it as a musical automaton, does have controls for
“human intervention” – that’s what he does so brilliantly.”

--Joanthan Golove, cellist, The Baird Trio

“Bob Berkman does an incredible job of bringing the music to life!”

--Maxine Schackman, Association of Jewish Libraries

“He is a master.”

--A. J. Racy, musician and author of Making Music in the Arab World.

Fan Mail

“You were a major hit of the event and many great musicians
whom I had on staff were thunderstruck by the scope and depth of your work.”

--Henry Sapoznik, Klezkamp founder/director and klezmer musician

“It was a pleasure hearing you perform and a pleasure to meet you...
thank you for a fantastic concert.”

--Ruth Judkowitz, chairmentsh, Workman’s Circle of Southern California

“Thank You for coming to Chautauqua and providing us with such a wonderful evening. It was unique, and the feedback I received was all positive.”

--Judy Farber, Lazarus Speaker Series, Chautauqua, NY

“I’m absolutely astonished and absolutely touched to the heart. I’ve never heard anybody
who characterizes…music with such color as you do with a player piano.
It’s absolutely tremendous---I’m blown away.”

--Francis Bowdery, pianolist, London, England

“You are a star here in Lithuania!"

--- Dr. Darius Kucinskas, University of Kaunas (Kovno), Lithuania